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Our Reviews

Very compassion and good Christian values.
Linda Hall
2 years ago
We had a great experience with this Law firm. The office staff was very helpful and professional. Brett is a very honest, knowledgable and caring lawyer. A true asset to our community.
Cliff Spain
6 years ago
I've worked with Brett's office. Great to deal with, quick turn around, easy to talk to. Would highly recommend this firm.
T Wilson
7 years ago
I just want to say, Brett Cain is the most honest straight forward attorney. I have used him for different reasons, he did exactly what he said he would. If you need a attorney, he should be your 1st choice.
Angela Barnett
5 years ago
Ann Martin
2 years ago
I had never hired a lawyer before but I am grateful that I had found Mr. Cain and his friendly staff. He was accommodating and as pleasant as anyone may ask for in a stressful position. He retains professionalism and strong guidance while amicable to your situation. I couldn’t give a higher recommendation to anyone seeking council.
M Haze
4 years ago
I am both a friend and have been involved in multiple matters with Brett. He is an outstanding person of character and a very strong advocate for his clients. I would recommend him to anyone.
The Button Law Firm PLLC (buttonlawfirm)
4 years ago
Mr. Cain and Jennifer were a pleasure to work with. They kept me updated during the whole process. I appreciate all they did to help me through my case.
Rhonda Daily
3 years ago
Outstanding work from Brett and his staff. I couldn't have been served better. Thanks so much for your help!
5 years ago
Friendly Christian place of business.
Del Cox
4 years ago
Great experience. Brett and his staff kept us informed regularly throughout the process. Truly a wise decision on our part to put our trust with them.
Joseph H. McCoy
5 years ago
I've known Brett Cain since law school. As a Board Certified trust and estates lawyer, I am particularly picky about other lawyers I refer clients to. Without question, Brett is my go-to lawyer for serious personal injury matters. Through his intellect, compassionate demeanor and tenacious spirit, Brett is an honest, high quality lawyer of un-paralleled integrity. I've sent friends and family members to Brett as well as referred some of my most valued clients to him. I highly recommend him.
White Rhino Coffee
8 years ago
Involved in my first accident and completely lost as what to do and where to go I just prayed for God to show me. From the moment I met Mr Cain I knew God led me to him when he prayed with me. I would have been another case of someone’s insurance taking advantage of me had I not had Cain’s Law Firm. You were truly my answered prayer! Thank you so much for your everything you do!
3 years ago
I was involved in a car accident on Easter day and needed some representation, from the moment I walked into the office they were so sweet and caring .. Bret Cain is a very sweet gentle caring man, he sits and talks to you and really listens to everything you are saying, he goes through every step of the process with you. They always kept in contact with me throughout everything .. his secretary Jennifer is the sweetest lady and was always available for every question I had, she even checked in on me from time to time. Bret will fight hard for you, and he will always bring you in and talk to you before he does anything, he will go over everything with you... I’ve had the best experience with Cain law firm, I would recommend them to everyone , GREAT PEOPLE!!
Jodi Sayer-lewis
4 years ago
By far the one of the best law firms in Granbury. Brett is one of the nicest people I have ever met and so easy to talk to. I definitely feel that they go above and beyond in trying to help their clients
Katherine Cunningham
6 years ago
Coral Sanders
4 years ago
My wife and I visited Mr. Cain over a banking issue. He laid out our options and all the costs involved in each. At the end of the conversation he advised us not to pursue as the costs of winning would have been much higher than the return. Mr. Cain's honesty in the matter was refreshing.
Charles Cunningham
6 years ago
Very honest man I would highly recommend him
Robin Gregory
3 years ago
Mr. Cain & staff we truly a blessing in a horrible time! I was in a wreck & didn't know where to turn. I went online looked up car wreck attorneys & he popped up. After reading review after review of nothing but positive feedback I decided to give them a call. He got me in right away, sat down with me and was very upfront about what he thought about my case. Laid everything on the table from what he could do, to what he wouldn't do and he let me in know right up front this is a long long process. They were in constant contact with me. Always available when I called. The ladies in the office would check on me. Anything I needed answered or done was completed in a very timely matter. He walks you through step by step of everything you need to know. They don't make you feel like "just a client" I highly recommend Mr. Cain if you are ever in need of an attorney! Very honest & hard working! Very satisfied with everything his office did for my family & I!!
Nina Jones
5 years ago
Positive: Professionalism , Quality , Responsiveness , Value
Debbie Lindsey
a year ago
We are beyond satisfied with Cain Law Firm! Mr. Cain made a difficult situation so much easier to deal with! His professionalism was and is exceptional. I would recommend his services to anyone!
Glenda O'Neal
6 years ago
I highly recommend Brett and The Cain Firm if you've been in a car wreck and have a few questions to ask an experienced attorney. I can attest to the fact that Integrity is a top priority of their organization! Thanks again!
Austin Eggleston
4 years ago
Kenneth Curfman
a year ago
Brett has helped me out on two different occasions, in both instances he was awesome, I was very pleased with the outcome, as well as the level of service his firm provided, if anybody I know needs an attorney Brett Cain is who I recommend. Brett is a honest Godly man with the highest integrity.
Ronnie Barks
8 years ago
The Cain law firm was a pleasant and comfortable experience. The staff are courteous informative and professional. One cannot help but feel secure and at ease with the feeling that your business is in the right hands. The word that comes to mind is trustworthy.
T.B. Blankenship
a year ago
Brett Cain and his wonderful staff helped me through a very hard time with grace and wisdom.
Sonja Mausser
4 years ago
Positive: Professionalism , Quality , Responsiveness Mr. Brett Cain and team have been absolutely fantastic. Brett has helped me on a couple different battles. Very honest, loyal, kind, respectful, responsible, I could go on and on. I’m very thankful the Lord had me cross paths with Brett Cain and the Cain Lawfirm. I would highly recommend the Cain Lawfirm! 5 stars all the way!!!!
Christopher Thomas
2 years ago
I chose Brett Cain's office for an accident I was in last year. They took care of the insurance company while I just had to recover from my injuries. His staff is very friendly and always knew what was going on. Best of all, I was very pleased with the outcome. I tell everyone I know if it happens to you, get yourself an attorney and make it Brett Cain!.
Stevie Sherrill
7 years ago
Fantastic attorney!
Rob Gump
4 years ago
Solid group of folks! I would recommend them to anyone looking for a Injery lawyer.Thanks for what you do!
Jacob Aho
4 years ago
They are honest and care about their customers.
Lera Daffan
a year ago
I've known Brett for many years and he has always been one step ahead of the crowd. A great lawyer that is relentless in his fight for his clients. I would trust Brett implicitly to handle the most complicated case involving one of my loved ones or family members.
Dean Gresham
8 years ago
Choosing the right attorney was a very overwhelming process. I am so thankful for the Cain Firm. They have such a welcoming team approach and are always available to answer questions. Their knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed and I truly feel that I am always a priority when I call. Far exceeded my expectations.
Jacinda Lawton
8 years ago
Brett Cain represented my mother after a car accident with an uninsured motorist. He did an awesome job and was very helpful to my older parents. His ethics and willingness to help others is over the top! I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks for your help Brett!
Ann Winston
4 years ago
In my opinion Brett is by far the most honest, hardworking attorney around! Jennifer was wonderful and always checked up on me to see how I was doing. I was completely comfortable throughout the whole process. I truly believe I was treated fairly and with respect. I felt like part of the family, and would recommend them to anyone!
Evelyn Hines
6 years ago
Brett Cain represented my 4 year old after an accident and made sure the focus was always what was best for her and her future. He is truly one of a kind as a person and as a lawyer.
Heather Thomas
5 years ago
I was involved in a car accident and needed representation. When I googled, the first first result was the Cain Law Firm. From start to finish I was treated with care and concern. Brett Cain didn't make me feel like just another person. His entire office showed me respect and valued my opinion and thoughts. They worked along side me until the completion of the process. Any questions I had were answered quickly and thoroughly. Honestly, I can't express how happy I am with the Brett Cain Law Firm. I highly recommend this office.
Charissa Montoya
5 years ago
Positive: Professionalism , Quality , Responsiveness , Value Mr. Cain knows the business like no one else. He was always very helpful and available to answer questions. I hope to never need an injury lawyer again, but if I do I know where I'm coming!
Ezra Hermann
a year ago
Everybody at Cain Law Firm was very inviting, professional, and personable. They took everything into their hands and did not disappoint. I would use them several times over. Very strongly recommend using them.
Erica Mccreight
5 years ago
Wonderful people. I rd is not have to worry about anything. Jen and Brett took very good care of all my concerns and questions. Definitely recommend if you are in need of a attorney!
Ginger Rodgers
4 years ago

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Our firm handles personal injury claims arising from serious accidents. We have mastered the laws in this arena, and we stand ready to protect your rights, prove fault, and collect maximum tax-free payment for your injury claims.

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Consequences of a Hit-and-Run Truck Accident in Texas

If you hit another vehicle, person or property and then speed off without exchanging information or rendering aid, then you have committed a hit-and-run. While some people intentionally flee the scene after being involved in a truck accident, other drivers are simply unaware they hit another person or their property. There are others that do not know they are committing a crime when they drive away from the scene of a truck accident.

How Are Damages Calculated in a Wrongful Death Case?

Individuals that have lost a loved one due to the negligent actions of another part may be entitled to financial compensation from the negligent party. Statute section 71.001 defines wrongful death in Texas as a death that is caused by the carelessness, default, neglect, or wrongful act of another person.

How Do Settlements For Commercial Vehicle Accidents Work?

When a commercial vehicle, such as a semi-truck, crashes, it often causes devastating damage and injuries to accident victims. Smaller passenger cars are no match for these large trucks in a collision, and many motorists suffer life-changing injuries in commercial vehicle accidents. With serious and catastrophic injuries also comes extensive losses, which can include: Medical [.]

Recent Case Results

See what outcomes are possible with Cain Firm.
Negligent Truck Driver Held Responsible For Serious Injuries

The driver of an oil field 18-wheeler truck caused a collision in a Texas town by failing to yield the right-of-way at a stop sign, striking our client’s vehicle. The truck driver claimed that he was not negligent, but we were able to prove otherwise. Our client’s injuries included neck, arm, shoulder, and back pain, including two herniated disks at C5-6 and C6-7 that required surgery to repair.

Negligent Driver Causes Serious Injury To Grandmother

Our client, a grandmother, suffered injury to her left upper arm and right gluteus maximus in an auto accident. Although she underwent surgery for her injuries, she had difficulty walking afterwards, and trouble sleeping at night. The other driver was found to be negligent and responsible for both the accident and injury to our client.

Oil Field Tanker Crosses Line And Causes Accident

The defendant was the driver of an oil field tanker truck anxious to get “off the clock” when his truck crossed the center line of the road. His trailer entered the oncoming traffic lane and struck a car, causing our client to suffer multiple lacerations, bruising, and soft tissue injuries.

Disobeyed Stop Sign Leads To Broken Arm And Wrist

A driver disobeyed a stop sign and collided with our client’s vehicle. Our client suffered a broken right arm and wrist, which required surgery to repair.

Negligent Truck Driver Held Responsible For Serious Injuries

The driver of an oil field 18-wheeler truck caused a collision in a Texas town by failing to yield the right-of-way at a stop sign, striking our client’s vehicle. The truck driver claimed that he was not negligent, but we were able to prove otherwise. Our client’s injuries included neck, arm, shoulder, and back pain, including two herniated disks at C5-6 and C6-7 that required surgery to repair.

Unsafe Turn Lands Victim In Trauma Unit

A driver was cited after an auto accident for making an unsafe turn when he struck our client. Our client needed medical treatment in the trauma unit for both anterior chest wall pain over the clavicle, and pain in the right knee.

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