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Muerte por negligencia

Muerte por negligencia

Muchos supervivientes quieren saber por qué les arrebataron a su familiar, y a menudo no hay una buena respuesta a esta pregunta. Sin embargo, cuando un conductor ebrio, camionero cansado, o propietario negligente toma una acción, o deja de tomar medidas, que causa la muerte de una persona inocente.
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Accidentes de camiones

Accidentes de camiones

Las consecuencias de un accidente de camión son confusas y abrumadoras. Si usted o un ser querido resultó gravemente herido, su prioridad es obtener la atención médica que necesita. Es probable que sus lesiones sean graves, si no catastróficas, y que le cambien la vida. Es probable que su coche esté destrozado y que las facturas empiecen a acumularse rápidamente.
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Accidentes de tráfico

Accidentes de tráfico

Después de años de experiencia trabajando con víctimas de accidentes de coche, podemos decir que un abogado puede hacer la diferencia entre caminar lejos con poco que mostrar por sus pérdidas y recibir una solución que le ayudará a hacer su vida entera de nuevo. Cuando usted contrata a la Firma Cain, inmediatamente poner su mente en la facilidad y ponerse a trabajar en su caso.
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Accidente de moto

Accidente de moto

No importa lo cuidadoso que seas en las carreteras, los accidentes pueden suceder a lo mejor de nosotros. Cuando usted o un miembro de la familia ha sido herido en un accidente de motocicleta en Granbury, Bedford o Fort Worth áreas de Texas, es probable que tenga un montón de preocupaciones sobre el futuro. La Firma Cain es un bufete de abogados de lesiones personales locales establecidos, y su abogado de accidente de motocicleta Granbury es sólo una llamada telefónica de distancia.
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Resbalones y caídas

Resbalones y caídas

Los accidentes por resbalones y caídas pueden ocurrir en cualquier lugar y en cualquier momento. A menudo son el resultado de condiciones peligrosas en la propiedad de otra persona. Si usted o un ser querido ha sido lesionado en un accidente de resbalón y caída, usted puede tener derecho a una indemnización.
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Lesiones personales

Lesiones personales

Recibir una indemnización adecuada por una lesión personal puede ser una tarea legal difícil para cualquier víctima de un accidente. No sólo son las demandas por lesiones a menudo vigorosamente defendidos, pero también puede haber circunstancias difíciles y versiones opuestas de lo que realmente ocurrió causando las lesiones. La culpa y la negligencia son fundamentales para todas las demandas por lesiones en Texas
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Positive: Professionalism , Quality , Responsiveness Mr. Brett Cain and team have been absolutely fantastic. Brett has helped me on a couple different battles. Very honest, loyal, kind, respectful, responsible, I could go on and on. I’m very thankful the Lord had me cross paths with Brett Cain and the Cain Lawfirm. I would highly recommend the Cain Lawfirm! 5 stars all the way!!!!
Christopher Thomas
2 years ago
The Cain law firm was a pleasant and comfortable experience. The staff are courteous informative and professional. One cannot help but feel secure and at ease with the feeling that your business is in the right hands. The word that comes to mind is trustworthy.
T.B. Blankenship
a year ago
Choosing the right attorney was a very overwhelming process. I am so thankful for the Cain Firm. They have such a welcoming team approach and are always available to answer questions. Their knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed and I truly feel that I am always a priority when I call. Far exceeded my expectations.
Jacinda Lawton
8 years ago
Involved in my first accident and completely lost as what to do and where to go I just prayed for God to show me. From the moment I met Mr Cain I knew God led me to him when he prayed with me. I would have been another case of someone’s insurance taking advantage of me had I not had Cain’s Law Firm. You were truly my answered prayer! Thank you so much for your everything you do!
3 years ago
I chose Brett Cain's office for an accident I was in last year. They took care of the insurance company while I just had to recover from my injuries. His staff is very friendly and always knew what was going on. Best of all, I was very pleased with the outcome. I tell everyone I know if it happens to you, get yourself an attorney and make it Brett Cain!.
Stevie Sherrill
7 years ago
Everybody at Cain Law Firm was very inviting, professional, and personable. They took everything into their hands and did not disappoint. I would use them several times over. Very strongly recommend using them.
Erica Mccreight
5 years ago

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Disobeyed Stop Sign Leads To Broken Arm And Wrist

A driver disobeyed a stop sign and collided with our client’s vehicle. Our client suffered a broken right arm and wrist, which required surgery to repair.

Oil Field Tanker Crosses Line And Causes Accident

The defendant was the driver of an oil field tanker truck anxious to get “off the clock” when his truck crossed the center line of the road. His trailer entered the oncoming traffic lane and struck a car, causing our client to suffer multiple lacerations, bruising, and soft tissue injuries.

Excessive Speeding Causes Red Light Collision

Our client was on the way to visit family. While stopped at a red light in Weatherford, Texas, the defendant’s vehicle struck hers at high speed.

Negligent Driver Struck Car And Injured Mother

Just outside of Cleburne, Texas, a negligent driver pulled out in front of a mother who had just picked her children up from school. Thankfully, the children were properly secured and not injured, but their mother was hurt, and she received medical care as a result of the accident.

Reckless Right Turn Injures Passenger In Other Car

While driving another person’s car, a driver made a reckless right turn at excessive speeds, striking a vehicle in which our client was the passenger. Law enforcement cited the driver for these violations. Our client suffered breast, hip, abdomen, and pelvic pain.

Speeding Driver Loses Control And Strikes Family Vehicle

A driver operating his vehicle with excessive speed in bad weather lost control and struck the vehicle of our clients, a family. Our clients suffered severe, though fortunately not life-threatening, injuries as a result of the crash.