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Why Is It Critical to Take Pictures After a Car Accident?

March 21, 2019|POSTED BY condor

Auto accidents in Texas may result in injuries, fatalities, and serious property damage. According to the state’s Department of Transportation, in 2017, there were 14,299 injury accidents and 3721 deaths. While most people don’t want to think about it, the reality is that we are at risk every time we get into a vehicle. Although traffic collisions are on the decline in Texas, it’s still important to be prepared. Pictures provide important evidence in auto accident claims, and in some cases, they can help a Granbury car wreck lawyer prove the other driver’s liability. Below, readers will learn more on the importance of taking photos after a car accident.

Photos are Invaluable Evidence

Photographs offer some of the most crucial evidence in an auto accident case, and they may help a Granbury car accident lawyer in their role as a client advocate. Specifically, pictures may show:

  • Vehicle damage
  • Personal injuries
  • Environmental factors contributing to the accident
  • Other information used by accident reconstruction team members

It’s important to take as many photos as possible, and to document the following aspects.

  • Exterior and interior damage to both parties’ vehicles
  • Bodily injuries arising from the crash and during recuperation
  • Roadside debris
  • Skid marks near the crash site
  • Traffic signs and signals
  • Construction materials, markers, and cones
  • Proof of bad weather
  • License plates of all involved drivers

A Granbury auto accident lawyer will use these photos to document a client’s injuries and economic losses with the goal of achieving a fair outcome.

Which Types of Pictures Should a Driver Take?

The time after an auto accident can be quite chaotic, and in many instances, a driver may be somewhat disoriented. However, with good photos from a variety of angles, an accident reconstruction team and a Granbury car wreck lawyer can develop theories about the crash. Below are a few tips on taking effective photos:

  • Take multiple shots of each factor
  • Get photos from various distances. If possible, take a panoramic picture of the entire scene.
  • Take photographs from a range of heights and angles, as they may provide additional information on injuries and property damage.

How an Attorney Will Use Auto Accident Photos

At the Cain Firm, the entire team is committed to helping Granbury residents who have suffered auto accident injuries. The firm’s attorneys want to ensure clients’ preparedness in the event of an accident, and taking photos is an important step. A Granbury car accident lawyer will use these photos as proof that the other driver caused the crash, which will help as compensation is sought.

Contact the Cain Firm Today

Auto accidents may only last a few seconds, but they often have lifelong effects on victims and their families. With help from a Granbury auto accident lawyer, these victims may be better able to get the settlements they deserve. Fill out the online contact form or call today to request an initial consultation.



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