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Texas Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

November 27, 2018|POSTED BY condor
Personal Injury Granbury Lawyer

The statute of limitations for personal injury in Texas is 2 years. The period typically starts on the date the accident took place. However, a judge can set a later starting date for the statute of limitations in certain circumstances.

It is important to keep this in mind if you intend to file a lawsuit. If you try to file a lawsuit years after a car accident, the respondent’s lawyers or the legal representatives of their insurance company may try to have your case dismissed on the grounds that it has passed the statute of limitations.

Although not the only type of personal injury, car accidents are one of the most common types of accident in the state of Texas. In 2017, 1 person was killed every 2 hours and 21 minutes, 1 person was injured every 2 minutes and 4 seconds, and there was 1 reportable crash every 59 seconds.

A car accident is no minor incident. It can turn your life upside down. If you have been in an accident, you will need to go to the hospital for an examination. If the injury is serious enough, you may need to undergo complex and expensive procedures. You may also need to go through a lengthy period of recovery and rehabilitation. Things can get even more complicated if you are deemed to be healthy in your initial medical examination and develop a debilitating condition later. The accident can lead to loss of wages, high medical bills, extreme pain and suffering, and an unbearable strain on your family.

The Cain Firm can help. The lawyers at the Cain Firm have extensive expertise and experience in helping people like you get the justice they deserve. The thing that makes the Cain Firm the most compelling choice is that we take a deep interest in your story. We want to hear not only about the accident and the events that led up to it, but also about the things you have lost, the sacrifices you have had to make, and the pain and suffering you have had to endure.

Once we have listened to what you have to say and gathered other relevant facts, we will advise you on who is liable for the accident. If you decide you want our firm to represent you, then we will set in motion a series of actions to get you justice.

We will make legal motions to get copies of police reports and photographs of the accident scene. We will also gather witness statements and medical documents from the physicians who treated you. These will be submitted for review by our own medical experts who will be able to make sworn statements or testify, if necessary, on your behalf. Once we have gathered all the facts of the case, we will make a demand. As the client, it will be your decision to accept or reject the offer of the respondent. If you decide to reject it, we will proceed to trial. Contact us today at 817-573-4300.


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