Will a Lien On Personal Assets Affect a Spouse After Marriage

In this video, attorney Brett Cain explains if a lien on personal assets affect a spouse after marriage


Host: Mario go ahead with your question.

Mario: Yes, I was wondering if I have a leading on me and my personal assets and everything and I plan to get married, will that lean also affect my fiancé once we are married?

Host: Wow, I'm glad he's asking that question because he's concerned about her well-being down the road so Mario yeah I think you're a keeper! But on another note what about that lean?

Brett: I'll stay on that note for a second, Mario congratulations first of all. Number two on your upcoming marriage and the engagement process but number two, congratulations on being a man who's trying to be responsible and take care of your business ahead of time. Although with regard to your specific legal question a lien on personal assets, that doesn't necessarily mean that's a personal injury matter and I'm not so sure I'm the best guy to answer that question. you may be dealing with personal property assets, real property assets I'm not exactly sure what you're what you're speaking of. Feel free to give us a call, if we can't handle this for your help you with it we can refer you to some other lawyers in the area who might could. but keep in mind Texas is a community property state so as you become married there are particular rules that designate the classification of your assets before marriage and after marriage

Host: Wow all right!