What to Do After an Insurance Adjustor Says You Were Not Injured

In this video, attorney Brett Cain explains what to do after an insurance adjustor says you were not injured


Host: Time for an email question right now from Joan in Waxahachie. She wants to know “the insurance adjuster is telling me that I am not hurt and that I cannot go see a doctor. They have no idea how much pain I'm in what am I supposed to do?”

Brett: great question as we've said all along number one please call legal counsel. If you have an injury or you're involved in an incident that requires the involvement of a liability carrier, number one they're an insurance company. They’re a business they exist to make money. Although we really want to do the right thing we really want them to take care of us when you deal with an adjuster who's not all that friendly or a little bit if, you're anyway uncomfortable there's often good reason for that. With regard to insurance companies, just be leery. hopefully they're going to do the right thing they're going to take care of you. But on any given case I would always say just seek legal counsel because the great deal there is if we can help you we will, if we can't we can give you good sound advice on what your next step should be.

Host: So you can appeal the adjuster’s decision?

Brett: Well I'm trying to be polite here quite frankly the adjuster doesn't, they don't get to make all the decisions in this particular case. they don't get to tell you whether you're injured or whether you're not.

Host: Because we feel like “well the adjuster said so” and that's it that's the law now.

Brett: I know and that's and I'm trying to be as polite as possible.

Host: But don’t be! Go ahead Brett!

Brett: At the end of the day rely on the doctors that's what doctors are for and that's the reality of it if a doctor says you're hurt you're hurt. If the doctor says hey take two aspirin and go home you're fine that's what you rely on. Now and I have insurance and an insurance adjuster on my staff, and so as we get involved with our claims we’ll call the insurance adjusters bluff because we know the rules, we know the inside track and that's important for all of our clients to deal with the adjuster just like that scenario.

Host: The adjuster is not the doctor, all right.