We Will Stand Up to the Insurance Company to Get You the Relief You Deserve

We stand up for what’s right when the insurance companies aren’t playing fair, and work hard to get our clients the relief that they deserve.

Typically first-time callers to our law firm or frustrated. They themselves or their family members have been hurt in an accident and it wasn't their fault but the insurance companies blaming them. Usually their world is turned upside down, the insurance adjuster is not playing fair and most folks need help to make the insurance company be accountable and be responsible to do the right thing. From the moment we get the call we listen intently, ask follow-up questions and begin to go about helping our clients the right way. We do all of our work so that our clients can get some relief knowing that someone is on their side. We don't always file a lawsuit and in many instances we can get a case resolved without it. However, when we have to file a lawsuit it isn't because our clients are greedy, rather it's because the insurance company is dug in their heels chosen to do the wrong thing and this is the only way to make it right you.