Cain Law Firm Helps Everyday People With Their Injury Claims

Big-shot law firms often ignore the little guy, but Cain Law Firm will be there to stand up for the rights of everyday people who need help the most.


Juliet: Well I was shopping that day for groceries, and I'm driving home back and I stop on the red light, and I hear this noise coming from the back of the car, and I thought like somebody losing control so when I look at the, my mirror, I saw this lady, you know driving it recklessly and hit me. So it was, I guess, she was at a very high speed where it's throw my car to the front car and my car just stopped working and I felt like I probably broke my spine because I could not even move. It was very scary.

Robert: When we first decided we needed a lawyer, I was actually thinking of the different commercials where, I saw some of the big lawyers. And I didn't just see their commercials in the DFW area where I'm from, I saw him while I was working in West Texas, the same lawyers were doing the same advertising in West Texas they were doing I'm here. So after a little bit of research on the internet or what I consider I guess a fair amount, I was figuring out that some of the smaller accidents that aren't going to bring in the millions of dollars, these bigger lawyers were actually just running them through, not giving them nowhere near the attention that he would some of his bigger cases. So we realized immediately we didn't want to go with one of the bigger lawyers because they were just going to run us through the process, try to get us a check just to get their little bit of money, and get us out of there and that wasn't what we were looking for.

Robert: As far as describing the Cain Law Firm is its unique. That sets my part from the others in my opinion is because it's real calm and peaceful here, you're never being rushed.

Juliet: Really genuine, and really honest, very open-hearted. No matter when you call they always answer, they always try, to calm you down and say “don't worry we will take care of it everything will be fine” and they usually do that.

Robert: They were constantly keeping in touch with us when need be and pretty much this told us don't worry about anything, we'll take care of everything and that's what they did. The main reason why we recommend him to others is because, he cares. I mean, he really goes above and beyond and does what you expect your attorney to do.

Juliet: Very humble, he's very humble and very honest so that why I recommend him because of that the honest person he is. He will be there for you no matter what and that’s what I like about this place and I like about him.