Don’t Get Pressured by an Insurance Company to Settle a Child Injury Claim

Brett Cain explains that there are special rules for injury settlements involving minor children that you need to be aware of before making any agreement.


Host: Okay we've got Karen, she's written us an email. She says, “My child was seriously hurt with third-degree burns. The insurance company wants us to settle now by just paying our past medical bills. Our doctors say that our future medical bills will be very big, because this will take years to recover from. What happens if we sell it right now?” Brett?

Brett:  Well you have several complications. Number one you're talking about a minor not an adult. There are special rules here in Texas when you have a minor. The second thing I'm hearing from that email and those particular set of facts is future medical care. At the point in time you resolve your claim you have released all liability against the individual who caused, and is responsible for paying for your claim. So you may be out of luck for future care if that's not taken into consideration, now, at the time that you do settle. Number two, minors have to be taken up before the court to get approval. We have laws that say a judge must approve a settlement, for a minor, for it to be funded and paid for and that includes medical bills pain and suffering all compensations. So, if you're not talking through those types of things on your own again what's the number one rule, call your lawyer get some help.