How You Can Afford to Hire an Attorney After an Accident

Brett Cain explains how to get help with no up-front costs, and how Cain Law Firm can help with the medical bills while your case is pending, too.


Host: Tell us a little bit about you, what type of law do you like to practice?

Brett: Well, we primarily handle personal injury matters and we're located in Fort Worth, downtown Main Street and we handle cases all across the state.

Host: Now you're not a Fort Worth guy but you are a Texan through and through?

Brett: That's true I was raised in East Texas, I married a West Texas gal and so Fort Worth is a compromise for our family, but we've grown to love it.

Host: There you go. We’ve got a caller on the line now, phone lines are open again that number for you is 877-465-5551. Kevin what's your question?

Kevin: Yeah, my family member has been injured in a serious car wreck but we don't have the money to hire a lawyer, just wondering how much do you charge?

Host: Is that one of those questions that people always think about but never have the courage to ask unless they’re calling in on the show?

Brett: Oh you took the words out of my mouth. That’s exactly right, Kevin, thank you for asking that question. with regard to attorney’s fees, we've never charged a fee up front we've never required a retainer on personal injury matters and let me please explain why. Number one most working folks, they don't have the funds to come up and hire a lawyer that way. But number two we have no idea what will be involved with your claim. The majority of our cases get resolved without a lawsuit. However, we're prepared to proceed with the lawsuit if it's necessary. So under a contingency, that's a fancy word for we just take a percentage of your claim later, we justify our fee through our work and if we prevail for you we’ll charge a fee at the end.

Host: Another question I bet some people a have but don't ask, what about the medical bills, what happens with that?

Brett: Oh that that's a great question and it really depends on the type of case you have. How you incurred your medical bills, whether or not you had health insurance, whether or not you just have an outstanding bill, whether or not you've used Medicare or Medicaid. So depending on the specific facts of your case that's a vital part to a personal injury claim that we take care of for our clients.

Host: So call the attorney sooner than later.

Brett: Absolutely, the sooner we get involved the better we can be for you, the more effective we can be.

Host: Alright the number to call is 877 465 5551.