How to Deal With Accident Injuries If You Don’t Have Medical Insurance

Brett Cain takes the time to explain what you should do if you’ve been hurt in an accident but don’t have medical coverage. How are you going to pay the bills?


Host: We have a phone call holding right now from Richard in Mount Pleasant, what's your question?

Richard: We have been hurt and need to go to the doctor but we don't have medical insurance. What do you recommend?

Host: Oh what should they do, Brett?

Brett: Well that's another great question. Number one, it depends on the severity of your injuries. Rule number one, call your lawyer, but as we peel back from that make sure everyone's okay. And when I say okay, there's not life-threatening injuries that need to be cared for immediately. Do the real number one rule would be go to the emergency room. Find help, we will worry about how to pay for it later we'll take we have methods for resolving those scenarios, get to the emergency room if you have a catastrophic or a significant injury. Now as we peel back from there, if you have time to communicate with us there's many other options for folks who don't have health insurance. There are ways for physicians to care for you who, they also like us might, not get paid until the conclusion of the case and there are other methods. But as you're in Mount Pleasant there's going to be different ways to do things there then maybe in Weatherford, or maybe in Denton, or down in Waco.

Host: And you're familiar with all those counties?

Brett: We have lawsuits all across the state we handle claims all across the state and so we work independently with each case on a local level and especially with medical writers on a local level, that's important.

Host: Absolutely.