Hurt In A Car Wreck That's Not Your Fault?


Attorney Brett Cain TexasWe all know that there are dangerous drivers in DFW.  If you or your family member were hurt in a car wreck, that's not your fault, you may need help dealing with the insurance company, how to handle medical bills, health insurance, etc.  Consider letting us help you make this right beause the insurance company for the other driver may not be treating you fairly.  Without the right legal help you may not know if you are handling your claim successfully.  

End The Struggle

An expereinced car crash attorney with the heart of a teacher can:  

  • Listening to your story. Your case begins with an experienced lawyer really listening to your story, understanding how the accident happened, and learning how your injuries impact your life.
  • Using traditional Texas values to investigate and prepare each case. How you win a case matters. Our high moral character, thorough preparation, integrity, and strong work ethic are brought to each of our cases to give our clients the best chance of success.
  • Working hard the right way. We thoroughly investigate each case and prepare for trial with focus groups. Each case in our office is assigned to a legal secretary, a licensed insurance adjuster paralegal, and an experienced attorney.

We are honest; we are down to earth; and we always remember that our clients are the boss. We work for you.

attorney Brett Cain TexasWhen to Call Us

We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible if you have suffered an injury caused by…

  • An aggressive driver.
  • A distracted driver.
  • A drunk driver.
  • A speeding driver.
  • Any otherwise negligent driver.

The first step in getting the recovery that you deserve from a negligent driver (or his insurance company) is to contact an experienced, honest, and down-to-earth car wreck lawyer in your community. We would be pleased to provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation. We want to make you comfortable during the legal recovery process. Simply call us or fill out our short online contact form to schedule your free meeting today.