Motorcyclists Are at Risk for Serious Injury and Death When Motorists Fail to See Them

Texans choose to ride motorcycles for a variety of reasons. Some appreciate the ease and affordability of a motorcycle for commuting to work and others ride strictly for recreation. For many riders, nothing beats the feeling of escape and adventure they get when riding a motorcycle. Whatever their reasons are for riding, bikers also understand the inherent risks that come from the lack of protection, potential speed, and vulnerability compared to other vehicles on the road. While they choose to accept these risks, they should not have to accept the sheer carelessness and negligence of other drivers who fail to respect them on the road.

When a biker is injured in a crash caused by another driver, he is often harmed a second time when the attorneys or insurance adjusters for the at-fault driver tries to pin the blame on him simply because he was on a motorcycle. You don’t have to accept this kind of treatment. Call the motorcycle wreck legal team at the Cain Law Firm. We will listen to your story and put in the hard work to see that you are treated fairly.

Causes of Motorcycle Crashes in North Texas

Motorcyclists make up a disproportionate number of highway injuries and fatalities, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In 2014, only three percent of all registered vehicles were motorcycles, yet 4,585 bikers were killed and 92,000 were injured. This is a fatality rate 27 times and an injury rate five times that of the fatality rate for occupants of cars and light trucks. According to NHTSA, 53 percent of the fatal motorcycle crashes in 2014 involved another vehicle. Many of these crashes were the fault of the driver of the car. Drivers injure and kill motorcyclists in crashes caused by the following:

  • Driver error. Drivers often fail to make the effort to see and avoid motorcycles. Mistakes such as turning in front of a motorcycle, misjudging how far away a motorcycle is, and changing lanes into a motorcycle can result in devastating injuries to the biker. According to the NHTSA, in 40 percent of crashes between a car and a motorcycle, the car was turning left while the bike was going straight, meaning the car likely turned into the path of the motorcycle.
  • Distracted drivers. The increase in distracted driving behaviors among drivers has served to further endanger motorcyclists. When a driver is texting or browsing social media on a phone, she will be even less likely to notice a motorcycle slowing down ahead or entering from a side road than she would another car. It takes focus and concentration to be aware of all of one’s surroundings when driving—especially to be aware of motorcycles—and any distracting behaviors will further compromise a driver’s ability to see and avoid a bike.
  • Drowsy drivers. Americans are overworked and sleep deprived, but that is no excuse for getting behind the wheel when you are too tired to properly operate a vehicle. When a driver is sleep deprived, he will be less alert to changing conditions and smaller vehicles such as motorcycles. When a driver dozes off behind the wheel, motorcyclists are at a particular risk of being injured or killed by his out-of-control vehicle.
  • Impaired drivers. Every two minutes in the United States, a person is injured in a drunk driving crash. When the victim of a drunk or drugged driver is on a motorcycle, his chances of serious injury or death are far greater than for an occupant of a car. An impaired driver should be held accountable for his actions.
  • Poor road design or conditions. Potholes may be annoying for cars, but they can be deadly for motorcycles. When roads are not designed and maintained with motorcycles and other small vehicles in mind, a government department may be held liable for conditions leading to an injury or death. Slick surfaces, blind turns, and poor lighting can all contribute to a motorcycle wreck.

When you hire our legal team to represent you in your motorcycle crash case, we will investigate the cause of the wreck and hold the liable parties accountable.

Put Our Integrity to Work for You

At the Cain Law Firm, we believe in fairness and honesty. When an insurance adjuster tries to take advantage of prejudices against bikers to blame a motorcyclist for a crash that wasn’t his fault, that is not fair and that is not honest. When you have our legal team in your corner, you can rest assured that we will work hard to gather evidence to support your claim and we will not stop fighting until you have the settlement you need to replace what you have lost.

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