Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is one of the worst consequences that can result from an accident or injury. It is heartbreaking to see an otherwise full-functioning person nearly incapacitated by a brain injury. As opposed to a concussion or other types of head injuries, TBI appears to be a permanent condition.

Thankfully, research in this area is producing some promising results. Affected families can start to have some hope for the victim’s rehabilitation or recovery. Until then, TBI victims will need lifelong care, and it is their family members who will likely be providing it. Without adequate insurance or financial resources to hire someone to share the care-giving a TBI victim needs, the family will be in dire straits financially and emotionally. Please arrange a consultation by calling (817)-573-4300 to discuss obtaining compensation to help with expenses.

TBI can result from serious head trauma and affects children and adults of all ages while engaging in any number of activities. However, if brain injuries are a result of an accident caused by someone else, one of our personal injury attorneys may be able to help you obtain justice through the legal system. Usually, the person who caused the accident carries insurance.


We sadly acknowledge that no amount of money will compensate you for the loss of your loved one’s company or the pain and suffering he or she is going through. However, we hope that having the financial means to make life meaningful for someone living with TBI can help you and your family move forward. You can make arrangements to:

  • Modify your existing home to accommodate a wheelchair or other equipment necessary to care for someone with TBI in his or her home environment
  • Hire caregivers so that you are not stressed from providing 24-hour care
  • Obtain the various types of physical, mental and occupational therapy your loved one requires
  • Have transportation to and from doctor appointments
  • Seek treatment from the best doctors nearby for memory loss and other effects of TBI

The Cain Law Firm, in Granbury, has worked with families who are caring for someone with TBI. Accident and injury lawyer Brett Cain has seen how his clients’ lives became vastly better when the home could accommodate medical equipment. The families could sleep at night knowing that their injured relative would be able to afford the proper medical care for the rest of his or her life.


This is what seeking justice means for real people: having the ability to care for someone you love without worrying about the future. Please arrange a consultation by calling (817)-573-4300 or contacting us online using the short form below.