Texas Vehicle Liability Insurance Minimums

texas-car-insurance-minimumsAll states require drivers to have some form of liability insurance in case they are involved in an accident, and Texas is no exception. While drivers are required to maintain a minimal level of insurance to cover property damage and physical injuries, the expenses associated with a collision can quickly escalate beyond these limits. If a driver lacks adequate insurance, he may be forced to cover the costs associated with the accident out of his own pocket.

Liability Insurance Minimums

Texas drivers are required to carry proof of insurance any time they are operating a vehicle. Drivers unable to provide proof of insurance after an accident may be fined, and those who are uninsured will face additional penalties. Texas law requires a liability insurance minimum commonly referred to as 30/60/25, which provides coverage up to the following limits:

  • Bodily injury. Texas requires a minimum of $30,000 in liability insurance per person, meaning that the insurance company will pay up to $30,000 to cover one victim’s injuries if their insured was at fault.
  • Bodily injury per accident. If you carry the minimum required insurance, your insurer will only cover the first $60,000 in medical expenses associated with your accident, regardless of the number of people injured.
  • Property damage. Texans must carry at least $25,000 in separate insurance to cover damage to another person’s vehicle, home, garage, or other property.

Optional Coverage for Texas Drivers

Unfortunately, the state-mandated minimums don’t even begin to cover the expenses associated with a serious collision. If the injured driver’s medical bills and property losses exceed the responsible driver’s insurance limits, the injured driver can sue the responsible driver for the difference. If the responsible driver lacks sufficient assets to cover the claim, the injured driver will have to cover his own medical bills. Drivers can protect themselves by carrying uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to pay for their accident-related expenses when the responsible driver lacks sufficient coverage.

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