Expert Witnesses in Vehicle Accident Cases

expert witnesses car accidentWhen you’ve been injured in a vehicle accident, witness testimony may be crucial to the successful outcome of your case, and expert witnesses are particularly valuable. Expert witnesses are extremely knowledgeable about issues within their field of expertise. Your attorney can call upon these witnesses to prove who was at fault, discuss the future impact on your earnings, and talk about long-term medical ailments caused by the accident.

Types of Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses commonly used in vehicle accident cases include:

  • Economic experts. Economists can calculate the value of future medical care, lost income, and missed employment opportunities resulting from a vehicle accident.
  • Road safety experts. Engineers can provide insight into both state and federal guidelines regarding roadway design and construction. They may also discuss the road conditions that existed at the time of your accident. This can be useful in cases involving defects in roads or highways.
  • Medical experts. In personal injury cases, your doctor can explain your injuries to the jury. He can provide expert testimony regarding the seriousness of your ailments, the impact those injuries are likely to have on your personal and professional life in the years to come, and any future medical treatments that may be necessary.
  • Accident reconstructionists. An accident reconstructionist will use any available evidence to determine the series of events leading to the accident. To do so, he will try to estimate the likely speed and visibility of the vehicles involved at the time of the collision to provide a better understanding of how and why the accident occurred.
  • Rehabilitation specialists. These experts can assess your injuries and explain how those ailments may impact your future employment opportunities. Rehabilitation specialists include social workers, vocational specialists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists.

You Need an Attorney

Expert witnesses aren’t necessary in every case, but when they are, their testimony can be crucial to reaching a successful outcome. An experienced attorney will be familiar with the various expert witnesses that are available, and he can choose the best witnesses for your case. For professional representation, contact the Cain Law Firm by clicking the Live Chat button on this page.