DWI/DUI Drunk Driver Accidents

Unfortunately, accidents caused by drunk drivers are on the rise. And, because the drunk driver is usually speeding or driving the wrong way on a freeway, the injuries sustained by everyone involved in a collision are serious and catastrophic. Drinking and driving puts real lives in harm’s way, including the drunk driver’s passengers and anyone else on the road.

Helping You Manage After An Accident

The experienced DWI/DUI accident lawyers at Cain Law Firm have helped hundreds of people injured in accidents caused by drunk drivers. In many cases, the entire extended family is involved in the aftermath of the accident. The drunk driver’s negligence affects more than just the injured or killed family member.

Within days of the accident, the medical bills will start coming in the mail, the insurance company will relentlessly call and there might be funeral arrangements and press conferences to deal with. The stress, anxiety, pain and uncertainty never seem to end. The Cain Law Firm is set up to help you through all of this.

We are professional and respectful of what you and your family are going through. The insurance adjuster on our staff will manage the medical bills and other expenses for which the at-fault insurance company is responsible. However, we will protect you from being harassed by the insurance company for the drunk driver.

It might be difficult to believe that insurance companies can treat you this way — especially when they know their own insured caused the drunk driving accident. Unfortunately, we have seen it time and again in DWI/DUI accident cases. This is the reason you need to have an experienced and strong attorney to protect you.

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