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Liability and Compensation in Multi-Car Crashes in the State of Texas

April 3, 2019|POSTED BY condor

When you’ve been in an auto accident, your first thoughts are of the injuries you and your family have sustained in the collision. The second thought, which usually comes as you’re assessing the damage is, “Who’s responsible, and who’s going to pay for the damage?” While two-car crashes are usually straightforward, multi-car collisions are often complex. In situations where more than one driver is involved, all parties may carry a degree of fault.  If you need a car accident lawyer within the Granbury area, the Cain Firm are just the right ones to help you determine liability and potential compensation for your suffering.

Who’s Really Responsible?

In a multi-car collision, more than one driver may share the blame. For this very reason, the state of Texas uses the modified comparative fault rule. If several people have contributed to an accident, a driver cannot financially recover for his or her injuries if they’re more than 51% responsible for the circumstances. These cases are often full of discrepancies, and an auto accident lawyer will advocate on your behalf to minimize your share of responsibility within the Granbury area.

Determining Liability

As Texas is an at-fault state, drivers can turn to another party’s liability insurance policy to cover their auto damages and personal injuries. However, insurance companies are often reluctant to settle such claims, leaving an involved party and their Granbury car wreck lawyer to recover the remaining costs on medical treatment and injury compensation. Check out, How to prove the other driver’s negligence, here.

How Are Victims Compensated?

If the case goes to court, the jury and judge will assign liability according to each person’s share of responsibility for the accident. If you’ve hired a Granbury car wreck lawyer, you may find it easier to get compensation for your medical bills. Furthermore, you may be eligible for compensation for time away from work, your pain and suffering, and any burial costs incurred because of the accident. Consult a Granbury car accident lawyer to find out more information regarding your options regarding your accident.

Get Legal Help Today!

Were you caught up in a multi-car collision that caused injuries and property damage?  Do not let the other drivers’ insurance companies offer you a settlement that doesn’t cover all your losses. At the Cain Firm, a skilled Granbury auto accident lawyer will help you determine what options you have.  Fill out the online contact form or call today to request a no-obligation initial consultation.



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