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Legal Truck Driving Hours in Texas

January 7, 2019|POSTED BY condor
Truck Accident Lawyer Granbury

The main cause for most automobile accidents is driver distraction. Looking at cell phones, changing the radio stations, and suffering from fatigue are only a few of the many ways that a driver can become distracted while driving.

What causes fatigue?

A driver can suffer from fatigue for a number of reasons. But, the most common form of driver fatigue is simply caused by driving for too many hours and not getting enough sleep.

Which drivers are more at risk of fatigue?

Truck drivers are especially at risk of fatigue because of their varied work schedule. There are laws in place that limit how many consecutive hours that they are allowed to drive.

How many truck accidents are caused by fatigue?

Each year, there are over four thousand accidents involving trucks and buses, and nearly twenty percent of these are caused by fatigued drivers. Left in the aftermath are the innocent bystanders in the other vehicles involved who are potentially suffering emotionally, physically, or financially.

How long can a truck driver in Texas legally drive for?

Truck drivers are classified into two categories and each has its own limitations.

  • Interstate drivers:

    These drivers travel across state lines. They cannot drive more than 11 consecutive hours and can work a maximum 14-hour shift. So, if it takes four hours for loading and paperwork, they can drive for an additional ten hours. They must also have ten consecutive hours of rest between shifts.
    There are also weekly restrictions. They cannot work more than 60 hours every seven days if their carrier doesn’t operate every day of the week. If their carrier operates all week, they are allowed 70 hours every eight days. Once they reach their limit, they cannot drive for 34 consecutive hours.

  • Intrastate drivers:

    These drivers won’t cross state lines. They can drive for 12 hours as long as they have had eight hours of rest and their total shift cannot last longer than 15 hours. They can drive a total of 70 hours in seven days as long as they have a 34 hour rest period in between.
    There are some exemptions. They can work more consecutive days if they drive for fewer hours each day. And, if they drive within a 150-mile radius, they can work every 12-hour day as long as they have an eight-hour rest break in between shifts.

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