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Implications After a Semi Truck Accident

April 9, 2019|POSTED BY cainfirm
Bedford Attorney Semi Truck Accidents

If you are involved in an accident with a semi-truck, the repercussions are far graver than a mere fender-bender. Studies show that the higher mass of any vehicle will have an alarming effect on drivers who are in the car with less mass. These mixed collision accidents can leave people crippled for life, severely injured, or killed more than any other type of automotive accident.

If you are involved in any accident or ordeal with a big rig, you need to find an experienced lawyer who knows the personal injury case-laws.  This experience should include the groundwork that must be done to present your case effectively. When it comes to big rigs, a lot of unique factors apply. If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you have a competent Bedford Truck Wreck Lawyer in the Cain Firm.  Brett Cain has substantial experience in this field with years of experience in prosecuting these lawsuits to obtain the optimal results.

Truck drivers are one of those special classes of drivers whose employers can be held responsible for vicarious liability. Vicarious liability applies when someone is acting as a representative of the company. They can also be held accountable for negligence in truck regulations or upkeep. The company may have faulty equipment that was responsible for poor braking or performance of the truck. The truck may have been over its weight capacity and unable to stop or maneuver appropriately. The driver may have been overworked and not keeping an accurate logbook of his hours on the road.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the U.S. Department of Transportation heavily regulate all these aspects of truck driving. Therefore, if the standards were broken, the drivers and their employers would both be liable. A company may also know that a particular driver wasn’t qualified to handle a vehicle of a certain weight. Maybe the driver had some prior accidents or a spotty history. This is why major employers screen their drivers and make it impossible for drivers with drunk driving arrests to obtain employment. Due to the lack of qualified candidates, some lower-paying outfits may bend the rules and hire incompetent drivers.

A Bedford Truck Accident Attorney can research your situation and help you present your claims with objective certainty. The same is true when it comes to damages. It can be tough for those dependent on a lost loved one to calculate the cost of contributions that would have continued if he wasn’t taken from the family prematurely. Wrongful death cases involve a lot of accurate calculations to consider the depth of what was taken away in love, companionship, lost pensions, lost inheritance, and lost wages.

In non-fatal injury cases, a qualified Bedford Truck Accident Lawyer can procure compensation for your medical bills, pain, and suffering, handicaps, lost wages, diminished quality of life issues, property losses or damages.

Let a Bedford Truck Wreck Lawyer hold the proper parties accountable and pursue compensation for these personal injuries. Contact our Cain Law Firm Bedford offices to start building your case today!


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