What To Do After an Insurance Adjustor Says You Were Not Injured

As we have said all along…#1 please call legal counsel. If you are involved in an incident that requires the involvement of a liability carrier, we really want them to do the right thing and take care of us but they are a business and they exist to make money. Be leery of the insurance company. When you deal with an adjustor that is not that friendly and you feel at all uncomfortable, there is often good reason for that. The adjustor does not get to tell you whether you are injured or not. Rely on the doctors…that’s what doctors are for. If a doctor says you are hurt…you are hurt. If a doctor says take 2 aspirin and go home, you are fine…that is what you rely on. We have an insurance adjustor on our staff. We will call the insurance adjustor’s bluff, because we know the rules.

Hopefully the insurance company will do the right thing and take care of you but in any given case, just seek legal counsel. If we can help you we will, or we can give you good sound advice on what your next step should be.