What To Do After Discovering Opposing Driver in Accident is Uninsured

First of all, call your lawyer!  Although law enforcement will show up at an accident and determine what additional resources need to be called, like an ambulance, they will not stick around to verify insurance. They do have methods to find out if the insurance is valid but that is not their primary function.

Part of our procedure is verifying the insurance. When we get involved that is one of the first things we do. Not only do we determine what information that they DID tell us about, but we find information about insurance that they may NOT be telling us about.

Often times we pursue a third party claim against the liability carrier for the person who is liable for doing something wrong. Here in Texas we have several other coverages that you have access to. There is a PIP plan (Personal Injury Protection) that you have paid for and your insurance company would provide coverage for that. Also, for those who are injured by someone who does not have insurance, you can rely back on your “Underinsured” or “Uninsured” insurance. Those are somethings to consider when shopping for your own insurance policy.