Why is it important to seek medical attention right after an accident?

Get medical help after accidentMany people just want to go home after they have suffered a serious accident. They may be embarrassed by all of the attention from police and emergency medical responders, or eager to show their family members that they are okay. Unfortunately, failure to see a doctor after an accident can not only be detrimental to your health, it can also affect your ability to sue for damages in a Texas personal injury case.

How to Protect Your Health and Your Injury Claim After a Crash

The longer you wait before receiving medical attention, the more difficult it will be to prove that your injuries are a result of the accident. No matter what kind of accident you have suffered, you should always take these steps:

  1. At the scene. If an ambulance arrives, always allow the medical team to examine you. Even if you think you are fine, they are trained professionals and know which symptoms to look for. If they think you should go to the hospital, allow them to take you. Even if you are released, you should still make an appointment for a checkup with your doctor in the next few days.
  2. While you're waiting in the emergency room. If you have your cellphone, take pictures of any bruises, scrapes, lacerations, and any other visible signs of injury. Use a video or voice recording function to make notes on how you feel, what happened, and anything else you can remember about the accident.
  3. During your visit with the doctor. It is important to submit to any tests the doctor thinks are necessary, since scans and x-rays often identify injuries that can be overlooked. Find out if the doctor has any concerns about your condition, and ask all of the questions you can think of about your injury. Ask about symptoms that could appear later and what to look out for as you heal. Also, ask if there are any recommendations and restrictions on your activity as you recover, such as whether you can go to work, sleep normally, or lift heavy objects.
  4. After your appointment. Be sure to document all of your medical expenses, including prescriptions and copays. The costs of an injury can add up fast, and you will need evidence of how much money you spent on your recovery for your insurance claim.

If someone else’s negligence caused your injury, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills and lost income. Our law firm can explain your legal options and help you get the funds you need to move on after an accident. Simply fill out our online contact form to get started on your case review.