How much does it cost to hire a personal injury attorney?

It seems unfair that after dealing with a serious injury that someone else caused, you have mounting medical bills, regular household expenses, and no income until you can return to work. The capper is that you think you need a lawyer to get a fair recovery for your losses, but you believe that lawyers are expensive.

With most personal injury attorneys, you should not have to come up with the money in advance to pay your fee. For personal injury cases such as traffic accident injuries, the Cain Law Firm uses a contingency fee system that will make the legal system accessible to clients who couldn’t otherwise afford it.

All About Contingency Fees

Lawyers commonly use several different methods to bill clients for their services. A family law attorney, for instance, may offer to handle an uncomplicated divorce for a flat fee—a single price that the client must pay regardless of how much or how little the lawyer devotes to the case. Other lawyers may follow a fee-for-service plan, where the client is billed for each specific function or each hour of work the lawyer undertakes. Law firms decide individually what sort of plan they will follow and set their own prices.

Most personal injury lawyers rely on a third type of plan, called the contingency fee. In this arrangement, the attorney will charge no money for his legal services until the case is finished with a settlement or a damage award from a judge or jury. When the case is finished, the lawyer will take a portion of the final award as his fee. If there is no award—that is, if the client loses—then the lawyer gets nothing.

Under a contingency fee plan, the client doesn’t owe the lawyer any money at the beginning. You won’t have to pay a “start-up fee” or a “retainer.” You only have to pay the lawyer part of your final recovery.

You may wonder how much a lawyer takes from the recovery. That’s something each law firm decides. The amount may even vary by the type of case. When you meet a lawyer for the first time, he will explain his firm’s fee schedule and that becomes officially binding when you sign a contract to hire him.

There May Be Other Fees Involved in Your Case

You should be aware at the outset that the fee you pay your lawyer might not be the only money you will owe for your injury claim. It’s common that the courts will charge fees for filing a case, for serving papers on witnesses, and other incidental functions. The amount charged is usually fairly small, but these separate fees are not covered under your contingency fee plan. Often, your attorney will pay these fees on your behalf, and you will be expected to reimburse him later. You will have to pay these charges whether you win or lose your case.

Similarly, if your case requires getting copies of medical records, police reports or other documents, or hiring expert witnesses to examine evidence or testify in court, you will be held accountable for paying those charges.

It’s Good to Know That Justice Is Available to Everyone

It’s not only the rich and the powerful who can obtain the services of good attorneys. When you have an injury claim, the contingency fee rules work in your favor to open the courthouse door for you.

Now that you know you don’t have to worry so much about money, the first step will be to talk over your case with a committed personal injury lawyer. You can reach the Cain Law Firm by calling the phone number on this page or by using the quick contact box on this page to explain your situation. You will have the chance to set up a FREE, no-obligation meeting with an experienced trial lawyer to explain your situation in detail, and your lawyer will take the time to explain the Cain Law Firm’s fees and how we can work toward getting you the best recovery available.

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