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Catastrophic Car Accident Injuries

June 19, 2019|POSTED BY cainfirm
Granbury Car Accident Lawyer

Even a relatively minor car accident can leave you seriously injured. A serious car accident that leads to a catastrophic injury, on the other hand, is a life-altering accident – recovery from which is typically a lifelong journey. If another driver’s negligence leaves you or someone you love catastrophically injured, you need the professional legal counsel of a Granbury, Texas, car accident lawyer.

Classifying Consequences

While there is no definitive classification of catastrophic injuries, the term is usually reserved for permanent injuries that you will carry with you into your future. Most notably, if an injury stops you from returning to work and making a living, it likely qualifies as a catastrophic injury. In general, catastrophic injuries are those that have significant permanent consequences in your life:

  • A permanent physical or psychological disability
  • The diminishment of your quality of life
  • A need for ongoing medical treatment and/or therapy

All told, a catastrophic injury permanently interferes with your former way of life. An injury that precludes you from continuing to take care of yourself and/or from earning a living is unambiguously such an injury.

Catastrophic Injuries

While many kinds of injuries can be classified as catastrophic, there are several that are most closely associated with the classification of catastrophic:

  • Spinal Cord Injuries – Spinal cord injuries are injuries to any part of the spinal cord, and when serious, can lead to permanent paralysis (partial or complete) below the sight of the injury.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries – Traumatic brain injuries, because they affect the brain, are extremely unpredictable injuries that can cause not only serious physical impairment but also devastating mental and emotional disturbances. Some victims describe the effects as a lost sense of self, which is obviously a seriously debilitating impediment.
  • Organ damage
  • Serious burns
  • Exposure to dangerous chemicals and/or toxins
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Amputations

Financial Consequences

The financial consequences of a catastrophic injury are difficult to overestimate. Along with the expenses of a less serious injury, you will face the need for ongoing medical and therapeutic treatment. Further, you will have to cope with your diminished capacity to earn a living – if you can return to work at all. Depending upon the scope of your injury, you may also need home health care and/or to have your home retrofitted to accommodate your physical limitations. Every catastrophic injury case is unique to its own circumstances, but the financial consequences of such injuries are nearly always immense.

If You’ve Suffered a Catastrophic Injury Because of Another Driver’s Negligence, Consult with an Experienced Granbury, Texas, Car Accident Lawyer Today

If another driver’s negligence leaves you with a catastrophic injury, the dedicated car accident lawyers at Cain Firm in Granbury, Texas, are committed to helping you fully recover on the damages you’ve suffered. Our dedicated legal team has the experience, compassion, and knowledge to skillfully advocate for the compensation to which you are entitled and that you need to journey forward toward renewed health. For more information, please contact or call us at (817) 573-4300 today.


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