The Role of a Personal Injury Attorney

According to the American Bar Association (ABA), every personal injury lawsuit, whether based on negligence or intentionality, concerns two basic issues: liability and damages. Lawyers prove liability and then work toward earning fair compensation for their clients. If you have a personal injury claim, it’s important to understand the role an attorney plays in negotiating your settlement. 

How a Personal Injury Attorney Helps You

If you’re considering hiring a lawyer, you need to understand the many tasks your attorney will undertake while working on your case. Whether your lawsuit goes to court or not, hiring a good lawyer can increase your chances of receiving adequate compensation. The following is a list of what a lawyer does for his client in a personal injury case:

  • Investigate. Much of a personal injury claim includes gathering evidence to show that the victim was injured and that another person’s actions or inaction led directly to those injuries. Proving this means a lawyer and his entire team can conduct interviews with witnesses, find video recordings or photos of the moment the injury occurred, obtain police reports, and analyze medical records.
  • Communicate. After an accident, insurance companies, private investigators, and the at-fault party’s attorney may want to speak with the injured victim. An experienced lawyer can handle all communication with these people in a way that protects the victim’s injury claim. A personal injury attorney also ensures that the lawsuit papers are served to the defendant. Finally, when documents and supporting evidence must be submitted to the court, an attorney creates and files these correctly and promptly to avoid any delays or mistakes in the case.
  • Prepare. Often, personal injury cases involve official statements, depositions, reports, and medical exams. And, if the lawsuit goes to trial, the injured victim may need to testify. An attorney can walk his client through every aspect of the case, prepare the victim for questioning, and educate him on what to expect in medical exams and interviews.
  • Advocate. Not all personal injury claims go to trial; more often, they end in a settlement. In either case, a lawyer builds a strong case using gathered evidence, argues details of the case, and advocates for the client by negotiating an adequate settlement to cover all damages.

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