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5 Things To Watch For When Choosing Your Auto Injury Attorney

August 12, 2018|POSTED BY triforc3s30
Car Accident Lawyer Fort Worth

If you find yourself in need of a Fort Worth auto injury attorney, then there’s no time like the present to start your search. While there are bound to be options aplenty when it comes to someone capable of handling your case, it’s crucial to take your time to avoid selecting the wrong one.

Rather than pick the first personal injury lawyer you come across, why not do your research and opt for the best? Here are five things to watch out for when choosing a personal injury attorney to represent your case.

1. Their Fee Structure

Just like different professional services around the country, auto injury lawyers have different pricing structures. Some operate on an hourly basis, while others offer contingent fees. If you are enlisting the help of a Fort Worth lawyer on a contingent fee basis, it’s crucial to understand how it works.

Usually, you pay all material and expert expenses relating to the case – e.g., the cost of obtaining medical reports, witness statements and scene investigators, but you don’t pay for the lawyer’s time. If you win the case, however, you pay your lawyer a percentage of your winnings. The rate can vary from one law firm to the next. Find out how your lawyer operates before asking them to take on your case.

2. Experience

Experience counts for a lot, but make sure it’s skill in your particular case type. It’s all well and good to hire the best attorney in Dallas-Fort Worth, but what if their experience relates more to criminal defense than, say, personal injury? Usually, a quick Google search or asking friends and family can help you to find out what qualifications they have, how many years they have been involved in law for, and what their specialties are.

3. Testimonials and Feedback

Because we live in such a digital age, it’s not uncommon to do better research than the FBI to make sure your personal injury attorney is the best person for you. Testimonials and feedback are crucial. Often, a visit to the attorney’s website can provide you with several reviews from happy customers, helping you to get a feel for what the lawyer is all about.

You can also look at Google reviews, and even ask the attorney if they have contact information for people you can speak to about their experience with them. It might seem a little overboard, but there can often be hundreds of thousands of dollars and imprisonment risks at stake. Therefore, finding the best lawyer for your personal injury case is crucial.

4. Previous Case Results

An injury attorney can have the most attractive resume and website, but have they got the case results to back it up? Take a look back through their past trials and find out what the consequences of them were. Do they have a decent success rate? Did their previous cases result in significant gains for the people they were representing? If you can’t trust your attorney to do everything in their power to gain you the best result, then find one who will.

5. Advertising

While seeing advertising for car wreck lawyers can help you to understand who is available, it’s important not to be fooled by what is being advertised. If a lawyer is offering you a 100 percent chance of success, or zero fees, then they are misleading you. No lawyer can provide you with a 100 percent chance of success, nor is there ever no costs at all for your case. Even when contingent fees are involved, you still need to pay for experts, witness time, and materials relating to your trial. If you can’t trust their advertising, you can’t trust them as a personal injury attorney representing you in court.

Are You Suffering From An Auto Injury? Cain Law Firm Is Here For You!

Even if time is of the essence to find someone to represent your case, finding the best car accident lawyers in Fort Worth is not a process you can rush. Pay attention to these five points above, and find a lawyer you can trust to do everything in their power for the best outcome for you.

When considering an auto accident attorney in Fort Worth, Granbury, or Bedford, get in touch with Cain Law Firm. We’re here to assist you in your needs and help you and your loved ones move past a troubling time.


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