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5 Reasons You Need a Texas Injury Attorney After A Car Accident

July 29, 2018|POSTED BY triforc3s30
Car Accident Call Injury Lawyer

In 2016 alone, close to 70,000 people found themselves in auto accidents on Texas roads. What’s more, 3,000 people lose their lives in road accidents in Texas every year. Given the all-too-regular occurrence of car crashes, it’s hard to believe that not everyone who finds themselves in that situation begin looking for a Texas injury attorney. Nor does everyone know what to do when they find themselves in that situation.

If you want to make sure you cover all bases for all situations, then you need to begin looking for a Texas injury attorney after a car accident. Find out why below.

You Need Expert Help

While you are more than capable of organizing car repairs, the more delicate details of an automotive accident can be a little more than the average person can handle. What’s more, it’s not something you need to be able to handle. If you try to battle through a car accident process on your own, you run the risk of ending up in a dire financial situation or falling victim to a system that needs to blame someone. If you want someone to help you through from start to finish after an automotive accident, you need to hire an expert Fort Worth injury attorney.

To Manage Insurance Companies

While there’s no denying that insurance companies are there to provide you with financial resources in the event of an accident, they are also about protecting number one. Where possible, insurance companies want to be able to recoup the costs associated with the crash – and they need to go after someone. Dealing with insurance companies – be it your own or the other party’s – is a tricky process. They can use anything you tell them against you in court, so it’s best to enlist the services of an injury attorney to manage them for you.

To Cover Mounting Costs

The cost of fixing your car after an accident is just one cost. The rest will begin to mount up in the days and weeks that follow. Per capita, the average claim cost is between $600 and $1,200, but that doesn’t take into account any costs associated with court proceedings. Rather than risk being out of pocket by the tens of thousands, you can be aware of your obligations and rights by talking to your local Fort Worth car wreck attorney. Having dealt with hundreds, if not thousands, of cases similar to your own, they will be able to enlighten you to even the smallest costs associated with the inconvenience of a car accident.

To Cover Potential Ongoing Costs

The costs of a car accident can relate to more than your vehicle and any personal possessions you had in your car. Loss of life or wrongful death can mean a loss of income for your family, as well as medical bills which commonly run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you don’t seek legal counsel and help in the beginning, you may find yourself in a significant amount of financial trouble further down the line. At the time, it’s all too easy to think about the emotional toll – e.g., the loss of someone close to you. However, reality hits home sooner than you think when your family’s breadwinner is no longer there to support you and your family.

Time is of the Essence

While you don’t have to call a car accident lawyer right from the seat of your car post-accident, you do need to begin proceedings reasonably quickly after the accident. Depending on the state in which you live, you have a certain amount of time to file a suit. In Texas, that period is two years. However, the fresher the incident, the more likely you are to achieve the desired result when you’re not at fault. All evidence is at the scene, the Texas injury attorney can arrange a scene investigation, and you will have a precise and accurate account of what took place. After two years, this is a less likely scenario.

What’s more, wouldn’t you rather get the ball rolling sooner rather than later? When you need to pay crash-related bills, the sooner you can file a suit and appease your insurance company, the sooner you can put the entire ordeal behind you.

Cain Law Firm Is Here To Help After A Car Accident

If you are involved in a car accident in Texas, it’s crucial to take action immediately. Once you’ve phoned emergency services and have control of the scene, get in touch with Cain Law Firm, the car accident lawyer you can trust to help. Cain Law Firm has offices in Fort Worth, Bedford, and Granbury, Texas, and is here to help you and your loved ones get through a trying time. Allow us to bring you and your family the peace of mind you deserve!


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